tea, code and rainbows

Tools & Languages I like to use

  • I do my best to keep up to date with HTML5
  • I'm one of those weird ones who like CSS3
    • I write most of it using SCSS
    • but I used to work with LESS
  • I regularly use Javascript
    • I can use gulp and npm
    • I like Typescript but can work without
  • Backend-wise, I tend to go for NodeJS, and sometimes PHP5
  • My SQL queries don't crash too much
  • I write too much Java
  • Git is used in every one of my projects (and sometimes svn, but mostly git)
  • I prefer using Unix-like environments and often use the Command Line Interface
  • I'm comfortable with Sublime text and Jetbrains' IDEs
  • I can write in Markdown

What I like to do

  • Back-end development
  • Web Integration
  • Front-end development

Hello there!

I'm Guylian Cox, a 22-year-old currently studying Computer Science at Institut Paul-Lambin in Brussels, Belgium.

I've grown a passion for web development since I was 16, the constantly evolving field keeps me interested in finding out the newer tools that get available.

Starting off with PHP5 for a few years along with the mandatory web languages that are HTML5, CSS3 and its preprocessors (LESS at first, followed by SCSS). I then started learning Javascript and, with the advent of NodeJS, started getting more interested in the back-end than the front-end (although I still like the front-end).

I tend to prefer stricter working environment, which is one of the reasons why I also like Java and would like to explore C# and .NET. Ruby and Python are also on my list.

What I've worked on

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Or you can go here to see my smaller experiments.

Social Hub preview
A Social Hub

The Social Hub

While working as an intern at pictawall, I was tasked to write a new front-end application for them: The Social Hub.

Social Hub preview
A Social Hub


Originally designed by Morgane Bosmans, and integrated by myself.

I like to rebuild it completely every now and then so the source code is most of the time up to date with newer knowledge I might have recently learned.

Cappuccino logo
Cappuccino Logo


Cappuccino was my Bac+2 year-end work; It's a desktop application written in Java.

The project was developed in a team of 5 students. My part of the work was to manage the project and the team along with writing the core components of the application such as the dependency injection framework.

Tinkers' Steelworks

Tinkers' Steelworks is a MinecraftForge mod I forked mid-2014 when its original author, known as toops, stopped working on it. You can find the original version here

At first I picked it up to port it to Minecraft 1.7.10 but it quickly became a playground with which I put the Java concepts I was studying at my school into practice. My work on that project however, was mainly focused on fixing bugs, improving existing features and creating an API to support the interactions with other game modifications.
On a personal level this project helped me improved my understanding of Java, along with the discovery of gradle and maven.

Coraline login screen
Coraline Main screen


Coraline is an attempt at replacing Claroline with an application based not only on teachers' need but students' too.

It is under development and it is written in NodeJS and uses angularJS. The development has been paused to work on school projects but will resume as soon as I can.

I want to make the application completely modular, and I am most likely going to rewrite it completely because the current architecture doesn't match my needs anymore.


We were asked to build a website from scratch; I built a framework for the website. It isn't very efficient and shouldn't be used in anything serious but it was a interesting experience which helped me understand how similar frameworks could work.